Lagan Group

Our Strategy

Right from the outset, the Lagan Group has had a vision to transform the landscape of the building and construction industry. In 1969, Kevin Lagan took over as CEO, revitalising the business through his entrepreneurial spirit and taking Lagan Group to the next level.

Our Strategy

As a family–run business, we are committed to our values. They remain at the heart of what we do – informing our decisions and guiding our growth and development. Whatever happens in the market, these values remain our bedrock. 

Putting our customers first

Serving our clients to the highest standards is at the centre of everything we do. We focus on their growing, evolving needs and develop our services and products to match.

Powered by our people

The more successful our employees are, the more successful our clients will be. So we reward our employees for their contribution, welcoming them into the ‘Lagan family’. The fact that many of our directors and senior management team have risen through the ranks is testament to the success of this approach.  

Strengthening relationships

One of Lagan Group’s key strengths has always been a willingness to diversify. With ongoing re–investment and a carefully targeted acquisition programme, we are constantly developing our offering for our existing customers – and confidently developing relationships in new markets. 

Harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit

People are at their best when they have the freedom to take responsibility and make decisions. Thus we encourage all our employees to adopt an entrepreneurial outlook and think independently and, on a larger scale, we give our business groups the autonomy to operate independently.

Looking to the future

We’re dedicated to building a brighter future. This means we take our corporate and social responsibilities seriously, always putting health, safety and the environment at the heart of all we do. At the same time, we take a prudent approach to financial management, ensuring managed growth has a solid financial footing.

This forward–thinking attitude also flows into our products. Many of our plants have benefitted from extensive investment that has transformed our production processes using digital technology. As a result, we’ve been able to bring even greater efficiency and consistency to our operations, whilst lessening their impact on the environment. 

By taking a bigger–picture approach to our business, we can ensure we – and our clients – are ready for whatever the future holds.

“From expanding our product range to developing our services, serving our customers to the highest standards is at the centre of everything we do.”