Lagan Group

Lagan Chimney Systems

Based at The Swan in County Laois, we are a well established manufacturer of clay–based chimney systems and a pioneer of production methods throughout Ireland and Europe.

Lagan Chimney Systems

Using time tested processes, we produce chimney systems, firebacks, flue liners and traditional chimney pots. Established back in 1935, we have long recognised and appreciated the beauty and endurance of clay.

Keeping Lagan Chimney Systems at the forefront of clay technology is a state of the art computer controlled production facility that’s one of the most modern in Europe. This has significantly increased production and improved efficiency, with flue liners now robotically loaded and all car movements, drying and ring computer controlled.

Traditionally, chimneys are constructed on site with separate components supplied by different manufacturers. This labour intensive process makes it difficult to achieve consistent insulation. By contrast the Lagan Chimney System offers modular, prefabricated units to speed up construction and guarantee consistent quality standards.

The Lagan Chimney System is a prefabricated, insulated system designed for domestic accommodation and comes in a wide range of sizes and styles. Offering fast and efficient installation on site, it is suitable for all types of domestic heat appliances and can accommodate both open and closed appliances with an output of up to 45 kilowatts. The system is delivered to site in component form on pallets and contains all the material necessary to construct a chimney from the base to chimney pot.

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